Laptop Accessories

Laptop Accessories

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Keyboard Protector Skin (KS101)

Product Code: KS 101Type: Keyboard SkinMRP: Rs.125.00 per piece.No of Pieces:Pack of 1 piece.Highly ..

Rs. 125.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 105.93

Keyboard Protector Skin (KS102) Xtra Large Size

Product Code: KS 102MRP: Rs.132.00 per piece.Type: Keyboard Skin(Xtra Large Size)No of Pieces: Pack ..

Rs. 132.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 111.86

Laptop Station (LS102) -10% SOLD OUT

Laptop Station (LS102)

Product Code: LS 102Type: Laptop Station (with 4-port USB Hub)No of Pieces: Pack of 1 piece.MRP: Rs...

Rs. 1,228.96 Rs. 1,123.20 Ex Tax: Rs. 951.86

Led Magnifier (LM777)

MRP: Rs. 365.00 per piece.Type: LED MagnifierNo of Pieces: Pack of 1 piece.Product Code LM 777The ea..

Rs. 365.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 309.32


In today’s world, we are surrounded by expensive screens and lenses. Taking right care of them is of..

Rs. 225.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 190.68

Maxicool Laptop Station (LS104) -10%

Maxicool Laptop Station (LS104)

Product Code: LS104Type: Laptop AccessoriesNo of Pieces: Pack of 1 piece.Best in class laptop cool p..

Rs. 1,260.47 Rs. 1,152.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 976.27

Note Book Stand (LS101) -10% SOLD OUT

Note Book Stand (LS101)

Made from ABS plasticLight,weight design.Multiple heightProduct Code:LS 101Type:Note Book StandNo of..

Rs. 487.45 Rs. 445.50 Ex Tax: Rs. 377.54