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Redefining the industry, defining the trends.

Buying a SOLO product means you are buying into a larger idea of organizing your life with a certain quality. That quality is based on knowledge and expertise gathered over a quarter of a century, four continents and thousands of hours spent on research and development of the product.

Our mission has inspired us to evolve into categories that cover all facets of your work life. Today, we offer a wide range of files and folders, visual communication tools, writing stationery, laptop accessories, desktop organizers, notebooks and pouches making SOLO your one-stop solution for your office needs. The innovation is backed by engineers tirelessly working in the factory to guarantee the unrivaled quality which has become synonymous to the brand's success.

SOLO recognizes the challenges we as a community face and is proud to use environment-friendly raw materials to make sure we are doing our bit. 


Leading by example, leading with resolve.

Most businesses are born out of an opportunity, a few out of passion. SOLO was born out of Amit Gupta's sheer passion for changing the perception of office stationery & supplies in India. High quality, innovation, and international standards paved the way as the brand became the go-to choice for premium office stationery across India.

Started in 1996, SOLO was navigating unchartered territories as it ushered in the 21st century and its challenges, both domestic and global. It is often said that hard times really test the man's resolve, Mr. Gupta's resolve stayed unwithered as he pioneered the SOLO and the office supplies industry in India.

As one of India's oldest office supplies companies, SOLO brings together experience, engineering, and innovation as it leads the industry with example by developing top quality products to suit the needs of the masses. New designs and ideas are always on the drawing board to add to our existing list of trademarks and patents.

At present offer products in the following categories - files, folders & desktop organizers, writing stationery, laptop accessories, audio-visual communication tool, and notebooks.



Mr. Ram Avtar Gupta

Managing Director

Mr. Amit Gupta

Director Business Development

Mr. Ashutosh Gupta

SOLO is a trademark owned by Filex Systems Pvt. Ltd.