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General Purpose

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13 Compartments Polypropylene Plastic Desktop Expanding Document Holder, FS401

Trendsetter office accessories for senior managers & CEO's, Desktop expanding document holder to..

Rs. 340.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 288.14

Exam Board (SB001), A4

The Solo SB001 Exam Board proves to be very useful for students during examinations and for business..

Rs. 245.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 207.63

Hole Stick (HS000), Pack of 3 SOLD OUT

Hole Stick (HS000), Pack of 3

Just pull the tape.convenient and easy to use.sticking on punch holesProduct Code:HS 000MRP:Rs.38.00..

Rs. 114.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 96.61

Led Magnifier (LM777)

Type: LED MagnifierNo of Pieces: Pack of 1 piece.Product Code LM 777The ease of magnifying glass now..

Rs. 450.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 381.36

Pen Catch Clip Pad, FC size (SB003)

Products code: SB003Type: Desk-Top AccessoriesCompatible Size: F/CNo of Pieces: Pack of 1 NNew Vibra..

Rs. 210.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 177.97

Roto Clip - 5 Pcs  (RC123) SOLD OUT

Roto Clip - 5 Pcs (RC123)

Loose papers & insert Punched holesusage for class notes bundled.Archiving & Filing ClipType..

Rs. 40.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 33.90

Unbreakable Exam Pad - Pen Catch Clip (SB002) - FC Size

Product Code: SB002Type: Desk-Top AccessoriesCompatible Size: FCNo of Pieces: Pack of 1 NStrong &..

Rs. 210.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 177.97