Magnetic Data Holder

Magnetic Data Holder

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Magnetic Data Folder - MDFA3, Pack of 2

Product Code: MDFA3Compatible Size: A3No of Pieces: Pack of 2 NSTICK it on iron metal surfaceMAGNETI..

Rs. 836.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 708.47

Magnetic Data Folder - MDFA4, Pack of 2

SUITABLE for MachinesSTICK it on the iron metal surfaceDISPLAY A4 sizesProduct Code: MDFA4TYPE: MAGN..

Rs. 420.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 355.93

Magnetic Data Folder - MDFA5, Pack of 2

STICK it on iron metal surfaceProduct Code: MDFA5Compatible Size: A5No of Pieces: Pack of 2 NBest Va..

Rs. 220.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 186.44