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2021 Weekly Success Planner - Undated |Removable Monthly Calendars |80 GSM Paper New
Planner Specs: Undated 53 Week Spread | 128 Pages | 30 x 11 cm Page Size | 80 GSM White PaperWeek Ov..
Rs. 296.61
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Solo medic plus series is designed specially for workspaces where there are multiple users of a sing..
Rs. 152.54
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Storage & reference files with unique self eluting antibacterial compound to keep file surface h..
Rs. 508.47
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In today’s world, we are surrounded by expensive screens and lenses. Taking right care of them is of..
Rs. 190.68
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Paper Ring File - 20MM Ring (A4), PRF04- Pack of 10 New
High strength imported boardTough built stand firm in filing cabinetsHolds up to 180-220 sheetsProdu..
Rs. 508.47
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KraftX Document Bag - Paper,  String Closure - A4  (KB118), Pack of 5 New
Made from special velvet paper to give lux feelingHolds up to 200 sheets in A4  sizeSelf-expand..
Rs. 275.42
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Box Dimensions: 29 cm x 4.8 cm x 4.8 cmPaper Roll Dimensions:28cm x 20 meters ..
Rs. 355.36
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Box Dimensions:31.2 cm x 4.5 cm x 4.5 cmPaper Roll Dimensions:30 cm x 16 meters..
Rs. 337.29
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13 Compartments Polypropylene Plastic Desktop Expanding Document Holder , FS401 -20%
Trendsetter office accessories for senior managers & CEO's, Desktop expanding document holder to..
Rs. 288.14 Rs. 230.51
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Executive Portfolio - 6 section with pad (EF886) -20%
The Solo Conference File is a Compatible A4 Size File with 6 Inner Pockets for systematic ..
Rs. 411.86 Rs. 329.49
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Display File -FC (ZB011) Zipper closure -20%
This File is available in Free Compatible Size and boasts of a Zipper Closure on..
Rs. 220.34 Rs. 176.27
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Expanding File - Elastic with sewing - 12 section (EX802) -20%
Solo is a pioneer in the manufacture of office supplies and is popular among both students and young..
Rs. 322.03 Rs. 257.63
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Document Manager -A4 (EF301) -20%
Solo is a pioneer in the manufacture of office supplies and is popular among both students and young..
Rs. 420.34 Rs. 336.27
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Conference Expanding File (EF884) -20%
Solo is a pioneer in the manufacture of office supplies and is popular among both students and young..
Rs. 474.58 Rs. 379.66
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Permanent Refillable Marker Pen - PM001, Pack of 10 -25%
Long writing markerWater proof.RefillableProduct Code: PM001MRP: Rs.20.00 per piece.No of Pieces: Pa..
Rs. 178.57 Rs. 134.00
text_tax Rs. 134.00
White Board Marker Pen - WBM01, Pack of 10 -20%
Liquid ink tank technologyLiquid Ink, longer shelf life.First time in IndiaProduct Code: WBM01,WBM02..
Rs. 312.50 Rs. 250.00
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Expanding File - Lock and Handle (EX903), Pack of 2 -15%
Solo is a pioneer in the manufacture of office supplies and is popular among both students and young..
Rs. 725.42 Rs. 616.61
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The Solo Expanding Chaque Case can be used to keep all your important documents, papers, and bills s..
Rs. 318.64
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Computer CD Wallet Zipper Closure(CD032) -15%
Super-fine quality.Holds up to 32 CD's.Zipper closure.Product Code:CD 032Type:CD Wallets/CasesP..
Rs. 161.02 Rs. 136.86
text_tax Rs. 136.86
Computer CD Wallet, Zipper (CD080) -15%
Holds up to 80 CDsSuper-fine qualityZipper closure.Product Code: CD 080Type:CD Wallets/CasesPoc..
Rs. 400.00 Rs. 340.00
text_tax Rs. 340.00
Computer CD Wallet Zipper Closure (CD040) -15%
Holds up to 40 CD's.Zipper closure.Super-fine quality.Product Code: CD 040Type:CD Wallets/Cases..
Rs. 227.12 Rs. 193.05
text_tax Rs. 193.05
CARRY.ALL - Soft touch daily utilities zipper bag - (A4) EVA41, Pack of 2 -10%
Ideal for Holding Planner, Notebooks, Stationery item, Passport, Mobile phone, Aadhaar card, Driving..
Rs. 254.24 Rs. 228.81
text_tax Rs. 228.81
Lever Arch File - FC (LA512) Top PVC coated file, Pack of 40 -10%
The Solo Lever Arch File is made to be a Free Size Compatible File and is the Best Lever Arch Fi..
Rs. 8,406.78 Rs. 7,566.10
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Display Frame with re-attachable Hanging HookCompatible for A4 sizeMRP: Rs. 450.00No. of Pieces: Set..
Rs. 381.36
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Solo office supplies are extensively used by students and business professionals for official as wel..
Rs. 528.81
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Item code: LSA41Packing: 4 pcsSize: A4Price: 325/- per pcEasy to insertStrong & sturdy frameExtr..
Rs. 1,101.69
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SUITABLE for MachinesSTICK it on iron metal surfaceDISPLAY A4 sizesProduct Code:MDFA4TYPE:MAGNETIC D..
Rs. 271.19
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A6 sizeProducts Code: MFA62Type: Multi-Function BagQty: Pack of 4 N.Colour: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE..
Rs. 271.19
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With 5 pcs leads each pencilSharp your successJust click and keep writing.MRP: Rs.20.00 (per piece)N..
Rs. 89.29
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Product Code: MFA61MRP: Rs.50.00 per piece.No of Pieces: Pack of 5 piece.Size: A6Type: My Zipper Clo..
Rs. 211.86
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Kinetica Pencil 0.5, Pack of 20 pcs., (PP125) SOLD OUT
Fine Quality Clutch Pencils.For Fine Writing in School and Office.Available in 5 Radiant Colors.Prod..
Rs. 214.29
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Products code: SB003Type: Desk-Top AccessoriesCompatible Size: FCNo of Pieces : Pack of 1 piece.New ..
Rs. 125.42
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New style pencil boxSpecial plastic materialButton ClosureTYPE:PENCIL BOXHeight:200 MMWidth:75 MMTHI..
Rs. 114.41
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Zipper ClosureSafe for children'sStudent Pencil Box becomes a pleasure to use if it also looks good,..
Rs. 271.19
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The Solo SB001 Exam Board proves to be very useful for students during examinations and for business..
Rs. 166.10
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Zipper ClosureSpecial transparent materialSafe for children'sType: STUDENT PENCIL BAGHeight: 12..
Rs. 423.73
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Expandable to accommodate all items of your daily needMetal chain for a long and durable useA6 sizeE..
Rs. 254.24
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