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Combo Pack

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B5 notebook & pencil combo, PL405+NB556, Single pc both, CP004

Ergonomic pencil (PL405)5 subject notebook (NB556)B5 & STD. SIZENo of Pieces:Each one pcCol..

Rs. 358.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 319.64

Certificates & memoir combo, CD040(1pc)+ ZB011(1pc), CP016

Computer CD Wallet, Zipper (CD040)Display File, Zipper closure (ZB 011)Std. & foolscap sizeMRP:R..

Rs. 528.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 447.46

Classification & stowage, PKT01 (1packet)+FS201 (Set of 2), CP007

Business card/label self-adhesive pockets, PKT01 (SIDE POCKETS)File & Magazine Rack (FS201)Size:..

Rs. 630.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 533.90

Contracts & licenses storage pack, RB402 (1pc), CH201 (10pcs), CP023

Ring binder 2D ring (RB402)Document file bag (CH201)A4 sizeMRP: Rs.462.00 per piece.Item code: RB402..

Rs. 462.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 391.53

Daily utility combo, SB002(1pc) + MFA62 (1pc) + MFA52 (1pc), CP012

EXAM PAD, New Vibrant colors, SB002Multi-Function Bag with two pockets, MFA62Multi-Function Bag with..

Rs. 303.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 256.78

Desk set combo, DF201(1pc)+ TR112 (1pc), CP017

Display File (DF 201)Paper & File Tray (2Pcs.Set)(TR112)Size: A4 & Xtra largeItem code: DF20..

Rs. 692.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 586.44

Doctors combo, CH101(10pcs), PB111(1pc), CP020

Clear Holder (CH101), Transparent white, A4 sizePad Board with Envelope Pocket (PB111), Std. color, ..

Rs. 320.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 271.19

Document safety pack, DF212 (1pc)+ MC112 (5pcs), CP015

Display File (DF212) - 40 PocketsMy Clear Bag (Button Closer), MC112Size: FoolscapMRP:Rs.422.00 per ..

Rs. 422.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 357.63

Easygo Folder Pack, CH109 (10 pcs) + CH101 (10 pcs), CP001

Document envelope (CH109)Clear holder (CH101)A4 sizeColor:Transparent blue(CH109), Transparent White..

Rs. 390.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 330.51

Home & office file combo, SG502 (1pc), RF101 (10pcs), CP022

Spring & Punch less File (SG502), Grey color, A4 sizeReport File (RF101), Blue color, A4 si..

Rs. 532.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 450.85

Important document filing solution, DF201(1pc)+ SG503(1pc), CP018

Display File (DF 201)Spring Cobra File (SG503)MRP:Rs.252.00 per piece.Item code: DF201(a) Used every..

Rs. 252.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 213.56

Multi pocket folder pack, CH402 (4 pcs) + EX701 (1pc), CP002

Dual documents pockets (CH402)Expanding cheque case (EX701)A4 & CHEQUE SIZEMRP:292.00No of Piece..

Rs. 292.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 247.46

Notebook & pencil combo, PL405+NA556, Single pc both, CP003

Ergomatic pencil (PL405)5 subject notebook (NA556)A5 & STD. SIZENo of Pieces: Each one pcColor:S..

Rs. 302.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 269.64

Schoolmate combo, SB001(1pc) + MFA51 (1pc) + PLA02 (1pc), CP013

Exam Board (SB001)My Zipper Bag, MFA51Aktion pencil with lead, PLA02Item code: SB001(a) General purp..

Rs. 291.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 246.61

Student desk combo, DS101 (1pc) + PB104 (5pcs), CP010

Multi pen Holder (DS101)Student pencil bagsColor: Blue & vibrant zip coloursItem Code: DS10..

Rs. 335.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 283.90

Student"s pack, RC001 (10pcs) + DS101 (1pc), CP009

Report Cover / Strip File (RC001)Multi pen Holder (DS101)Size: A4 & Std.Item code: RC001(a)..

Rs. 260.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 220.34

Tickets & documents retainer pack, CH108 (10 pcs) + RC003 (10pcs), CP008

Cheque Envelope (CH108)Griptec Channel File (RC003)Size: A4 & ChequeItem code: CH108(a) Cheque s..

Rs. 480.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 406.78