Zipper Closure Bag

Zipper Closure Bag

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Document Bag - Zipper Closure L/S - FC (MC115), Pack of 10

If you are looking to upgrade your office supply collection and you want a quintessential folder tha..

Rs. 650.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 550.85

Zipper Document Bag - A4 (MC106), Pack of 10

Zipper closureHigh-Quality bagA4 sizeProduct Code: MC106Type:Folders & Documents BagsNo of Piece..

Rs. 300.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 254.24

Zipper Document Bag - A5 (CH308), Pack of 10

High-Quality bagProduct Code: CH308Type: Folders & Documents BagsNo of Pieces: Pack of 10 NCompa..

Rs. 200.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 169.49

Zipper Document Bag - FC (MC116), Pack of 10

High-Quality bagZipper closureHolds up to 60-70 sheetsProduct Code: MC116Type: Folders & Documen..

Rs. 400.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 338.98