Laptop Station (LS102)

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  • Product Code: LS 102
  • Type: Laptop Station (with 4-port USB Hub)
  • No of Pieces: Pack of 1 piece.
  • MRP: Rs.1,248.00 per piece.
  • Ergonomically design for laptops to raise screen level to yours eyes.
  • High speed 1X4 USB Hub included.
  • Relives user from neck & back pain due to long laptop use.
  • Makes keyboard use more friendly by allowing wrist/ elbow to rest on desk.
  • Light weight, portable and compact design.
  • Multiple height adjustment option.
  • Micro -Castor wheel base to facilitate easy rotation (swivel base) during presentations and meetings.
  • Soft rubber for wrist rest.
  • Free airflow that enchances heat dissipation and keeps the laptop cooler.
  • Heavy duty. Will outlast life of laptop itself.

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  • Brand: SOLO
  • Product Code: LS102
  • Availability: SOLD OUT
  • Rs. 1,228.96
  • Rs. 1,123.20
  • Taxable Value: Rs. 951.86

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