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TopCare Baking & Cooking Paper - BNC01 (Pack of 2)

New TopCare Baking & Cooking Paper - BNC01 (Pack of 2)


Quality has the same language internationally...


The Baking & Cooking Paper is a modern day kitchen essential. Baking, frying, steaming, grilling or boiling; give your food the TopCare it deserves!

  • Certified as per American, European & Indian Standards
  • 100% Food Healthy
  • Maintains aromas, flavors and looks of the food
  • Suitable for Baking | Frying | Steaming | Grilling | Boiling
  • Easy to use and dispose

Product Specifications

TopCare Baking & Cooking Paper comes in form of a paper roll.

Box Dimensions:

31.2 cm x 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm

Paper Roll Dimensions:

30 cm x 16 meters

Why Do You Need Baking & Cooking Paper?

Because you are not able to bake even cookies with soft centers

Because you are not able to remove them from the tray before messing up the shape

Because you are not able to store and cook your favorite poultry and veggies without ruining the tray and the food

Most importantly because you waste too much time cleaning up after cooking.

Sourcing & Sustainability

We take pride in sourcing the raw material for the TopCare Baking & Cooking Paper under the methods prescribed by the Forest Stewardship Council, the foremost authority in domain. The raw materials are subsequently processed under the most hygiene conditions and with careful monitoring systems in place across production, packaging, and transportation stages.

In today’s world, sourcing and producing in an environment-friendly manner isn’t sufficient. Our holistic focus on our product ensures that once used, its disposal is consistent with our view of sustainability. TopCare products are natural and organic, resulting in complete recyclability and compostability.

Conventionally used aluminum foil harms the environment at the time production as well as during their disposal process. 

The paper is easy to use as it does not stick either to the utensil or the food

The paper is oil & grease resistant, holding out oil & fat for long durations

The paper allows for food storage and preservation in the freezer

Microwave & Oven Safe
The paper makes for a perfect way to heat your food without impact its health

Compostable & Recyclable
Disposal is an important part of our product inception as TopCare is required for the environment too. 
The paper is compostable & recyclable.

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