Display File (DF201)

Display File (DF201)


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    The Solo Display File can be used for presentations, pricelists, interviews, specifications and designs, photos and contracts and other such important documents. The Solo Display File has 20 Clear-View Pockets with Durable Thickness. The Polycover thickness makes it possible to hold up to 100 sheets inside. The Anti-static Agents enable Zero Sticking and the pockets are Non-Stick Embossed polypropylene pockets, which make storing any sort of documents easy and convenient.

  • 20 Clear view pocket
  • hold up to 100 sheets inside.
  • Used presentation reference
  • Appropriate polycover thickness
  • Product Code:DF 201
  • Type:Display File
  • Compatible Size:A4
  • No of Pieces:Pack of 1 piece.
  • MRP:Rs.132.00 per piece.
  • Used everyday for presentation reference & storage of certificates, pricelists , specifications & designs, photos, contracts etc.
  • Non-stick embossed poly propylene pockets.
  • 20 Clear view pockets of durable thickness .
  • Anti static agents added for extra convenience to insert documents conveniently
  • Extra large pockets hold upto six sheet in each
  • Appropriate polycover thickness to hold upto 100 sheets inside.

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  • Brand: SOLO
  • Product Code: DF201
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Rs. 132
  • Without GST: Rs. 103

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