Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

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Desk Organizer (Amphitheater)(DL202)

Product Code: DL202No of compartments: 5 CompartmentsNo of Pieces : Pack of 1 piece.5 sections to ke..

Rs. 185.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 156.78

Desk Organizer (DL102)

Keeps your desk neat & clean.Product Code: DL102Type: Desk-Top AccessoriesNo of compartments: 5 ..

Rs. 196.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 166.10

Multipen Holder (DS101)

With 4 Sections.Product Code: DS 101Type: Desk-Top AccessoriesNo of Pieces: Pack of 1 NAttractive pe..

Rs. 128.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 108.47

Pen Holder, Pack of 2, DS201

Product Code: DS 201No of compartments: 3 CompartmentsNo of Pieces: Pack of 2 pieces.3 sections to k..

Rs. 220.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 186.44