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1. Budget Folders
2. Economy Folder
3. Premium Folder

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Download Catalogue for three different category

Budget Folders

Economy Folder

Premium Folder


Solo’s range of portfolios


  • SOLO presents its range of Portfolio’s for your business and get-togethers segregated into ‘Budget’, ‘Economy’ & ‘Premium’.
  • Solo Portfolios will fit all your applications: meetings, conferences, group trainings, seminars, dealer meets and personal portfolios for business travel.
  • Scalable and wide range of portfolios in vibrant colors is a one stop solution for your corporate needs. On request we shall send pictures of product(s) with company branding for that personal touch and remembrance.
  • Enjoy the SOLO advantage for your business.
  • Buyer’s logo/brand & identity can be printed in solid colours to leave a remembrances & brand recall at the hands of recipients.
  • Delightful & refreshing colours, high quality shall speak for itself & compliment your brand retention amongst recipients.