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Product Code : DL102 | DL202 | DS101 | DS201

1. Keep youe desk neat and clean
2. Available in various color
3. Large sizes

And you are ready to use it further…


“Make use of time, let not advantage slip” William Shakespeare.

A must for all desks is the desk organizer. These are SOLO's elegant and stylish multi-pen holders which is the great tool to enhance efficiency on your dek by keeping all daily use accessories with in the reach of your hands.




  • Can keep all desk-top accessories like, pen,pencil,glue stick,scale, calculator, scissors etc.
  • 5 section for DL202,DL102
  • Smallest compartment accessible by finger tips to tweeze & pick small objects conveniently .
  • Available in various colors.
  • Opaque material.
  • Perfectly apt for gifting and owning yourself.
  • Also holds CD's & calculator.
  • Transparent high gloss finish
  • Keeps your desk neat and suave
  • 3 sections to keep pen, scissors, glue sticks, scale etc on a office desk For DS201
  • Amphitheater design useful at homes & offices alike
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