Classroom Talky- WIRELESS, CTW68
Price : Rs. 6800.000
Key Features
New mini portable wireless sound system
Include attractive carry bag

Products code CTW68
Type Teaching Aids
No of Pieces 1 Set.
Frequency Response 100Hz---10KHz
Output Power (speech) 8W output
Output Impedance 4 om
Operating Voltage 7.4V/1600mAH
Battery Typed Dual Lithium battery.
Battery Back-up 12-14 hrs.
Audibility range 15 Mtr (1500 sq. Ft.)
Additional Features
Amplifies soft speech of speaker, loud enough to be clearly heard till the last benched listener.
Portable speech amplifies & MP3 player combo for teachers, speakers & preachers.
Speaker is free to make hand & head gestures during teaching, crowed management, product demos, tour guiding etc.
Good to playback pre-recorded lectures & music.
Compact and elegant design with durable ABS construction.
Low power Consumption : Specially designed digital circuit that uses battery power only when required.
Built-in Li-ion batteries of UHF mic last upto 3 hours on full charge
Li-battery of Mic lasts upto 3 hours.