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Solo Keeps you Organised
PENCIL BOX, Pack of 3 pcs (PB103)
New style pencil box
Special plastic material
Button Closure


5-Subjects Notebook, Pack of 4 pcs (NA553)
5 divided sections.
Extra smooth writing paper.
New Look, New Style


Document Bag - with Pen & Pad, Pack of 5 Pcs. (CC105)
Pen/Pad & DVD Holder
Vibrant Color
Velcro Closure


5-Subjects Notebook, Pack of 4 pcs (NA554)
Extra smooth writing paper.
Multi Index
5 divided sections


Document Envelope (CH117) Pack of 10 Pcs.
Transparent document
Holds upto 250 sheets
Legal & F/C documents


Ring Binder-2-D-Ring (RB405)
A4 Compatible
Holds upto 250 sheets
Clear view pocket on top


Ring Binder-4-D-Ring (RB404)
A4 Compatible
High quality 4D ring mechan.
Holds upto 250 sheets


Time Saver Permanent Flipper Index Tabs, Set of 2 (IT001)
Flip open the right Chapter.
Non-tearing durable polyme.
20 double sided tabs


Highlighter Pen Pink (HLF02) Pack of 10 pcs
Ultra soft highlighting.
High quality korean ink.


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