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Solo Keeps you Organised
Classroom Talky with Playback Function (CT168)
With Mp3 Player
Built in Amplifier for Spea.
include attractive carry bag


Ring Binder-2-D-Ring (RB 702)
(1 Inch Ring, Rado Lock)
A4 Compatible
Extra thick poly cover


Separatorz with index - SP505
5 Dividers
Heavy duty, high GSM paper
Lifetime durability


Clear Holder (CH111) pack of 10 pieces
Non-stick polymer recipe.
F/C Compatible
Holds upto 30 sheets.


Business Cards Holder (BC810) Pack of 10 pcs
Nonstick material
A4 sized business card
11 hole punch


Sheet Protectors - 11 Hole (SP111) Packs of 100 pcs.
Good for legal & F/C
Embossed surface traps air
Anti-static agents


Screen Guard (SI202) iPhone 4
For 4G iPhone screen.
Block ultra violet rays.
Reduces strain of your eyes.


Separatorz (20 uni colour dividers) SP220
20 Pcs Uni Colour dividers
11-hole universal
Index sheet


Ring Binder-2-D-Ring (MK 415)
(40 mm Ring, Rado Lock)
F/C Compatible
Bulk filing upto 350 sheets.


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