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solo stationery solo stationery solo stationery solo stationery solo stationery
Solo Keeps you Organised
Business card/label self-adhesive pockets, PKT01 (SIDE POCKETS) Pack of 2
Sticks strongly to any surf.
Peel it, Stick it, Label it
Highly transparent.


Designers A3 Ring Portfolio with Zipper Closure, 4D-Ring (AR2A3), FREE!! 5 Sheet Protector A3 size
A3 Compatible
Holds upto 200 sheets
Zipper closure and Handle.


3-Subjects Note Book (240 Pages(NA633))
3 divided sections.
Line Ruled.
Multi Index cut.


Computer CD Wallet, Zipper (CD032)
Super-fine quality.
Holds upto 32 CDs.
Zipper closure.


Screen Guard (SW156) 15.6 inch
Available in size 15.6”
Anti-glare skin
High quality hardness coated


Flexi Document Case - With Xtra pocket + Lock & Handle (DC555)
With Xtra Net Pocket.
L/S Compatible
Lock & Handle


New UniQlip File (SG603)
Rivetless construction.
A4 Compatible
Simple & swift.


1Tik Pencil Leads 2B 0.5x60mm, Pack of 10 cartridges (L2B15)
Smooth-gliding lead
20 leads in a cartridges
For use on paper & drawing .


Expanding File (Lock & Handle) - Dual Tone (EX908)
12 section pockets
With Lock & Handle.
Expandable large pockets


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