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iPad2 Case (Hand Shell) IPDH1 @ Special Offers
Strong & user friendly
Anti skid base
Enhances comfort


iPad2 Roto Case (IPDR1) @ Special Offers
Enhances comfort & convenie.
Easy 360 Degree rotations
Full flap cover


My Clear Bag (Button Closer) Pack of 10 pcs. MC012
Holds upto 150 sheets
Useful at schools,homes etc.
For loose papers & Documents.


Kinetica Pencil Leads HB 0.7x60mm, Pack of 24 tubes (LPHB7)
Smooth-gliding lead
20 leads in a tube
Internationally acclaimed


Zipper Document Bag (MC116) Pack of 10 pcs
High Quality bag
Zipper closure
Holds upto 60-70 sheets


Highlighter Pen Pink (HLF02) Pack of 10 pcs
Ultra soft highlighting.
High quality korean ink.


Spring Cobra File (SG503)
A4 Compatible
Holds upto 180 sheets
Best seller from SOLO


My Clear Bag (MC113) Pack of 10 pcs.
Non- stick polymer sheet
For students & offices.
Document button bag in A3 s.


1Tik Pencil Leads H 0.5x60mm, Pack of 10 cartridges (LOH15)
Internationally acclaimed
20 leads in a cartridges
Superior quality high polym.


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