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solo stationery solo stationery solo stationery solo stationery solo stationery
Solo Keeps you Organised
Vibrant Colours
Eco-friendly & wood free
2 mm lead, Writes like wood.


Twin Clean (Screen Cleaner + Wonder Cloth) IC105
Isopropyl alcohol free
Anti-static cleaning
International quality


Zipper Document Bag (CH308) Pack of 10 pcs
High Quality bag
Zipper closure
A5 size


QuadPro 4-section expanding folder (EX905)
4-Section expanding folder.
Elastic closure.
Expanding pockets


Display File (DF 213) - 60 pockets
F/C Compatible
Display File - 60 Pockets
Hold upto 200 sheets


Screen Guard (SW156) 15.6 inch
Available in size 15.6”
Anti-glare skin
High quality hardness coated


Document Manager (EF301)
6 Sections + Partition.
New DNA Wave Texture.
Easy Zipper closure.


Ring Binder-2-D-Ring (MK 415)
(40 mm Ring, Rado Lock)
F/C Compatible
Bulk filing upto 350 sheets.


Display File (DF212) - 40 Pockets
40 Clear view pockets
Available in F/C size .
Poly propylene pockets.


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